Dizy le Gros

Saturday 19 June already the 4e middle distance race this season. Peronne was on the flight program as unloading place, this was soon changed to Morlincourt and eventually it became Dizy le Gross.

We had this time 30 pigeons basketed, 5 doffers in 25 hens. The weather forecast was good for Saturday, if it's Saturday and the sky looks good then expectations are high. Because the pigeons were basketed on Friday evening, they were not early at the release site. The pigeons must at least 2 hours to recover from the journey and therefore had to wait with unloading until 08.30 hour. The release went very well. This time the wind was blowing from the SW. , the speed of the first pigeons should therefore be around 100 lying miles per hour. And that was the case.

From 1e pigeon in De Lutte by John Bekkedam and Martin Blockhuis was passed on via the app on 12.12,23. We almost had to 6 minutes before the 1e pigeon flew in with us. That is for a Middle Distance flight from 368 km way too long. This time it was the 3-year-old hen 18-1552129 which was the first on the antenna. As 2e pigeon went over the antenna this time the birthday hen 00-1176071, this one is already 4 once been to the middle distance early, that is why she is highly ranked in the various positions. After the first 2 pigeons we had to wait a long time again, namely 4 minutes. Then they dripped in but it didn't go very smoothly.

This time the 1e So go to Mr Bekkedam and Blockhuis, John and Martin proficient. Our pigeons were on the 2e, 5e in 7e place. Next we had 19 of the 30 pigeons in the price, Once again from an acute percentage of 63% (See results)

It was a pity this time that the designated pigeons were not early in the results. It's difficult to mention the designated pigeons every week. Undesignated, we did take the points. We are still in good shape in the various positions.

Next week the next middle distance flight and again from Nanteuil.

Good luck everyone with the preparations and see you next week.

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