Dizy le Gros

Saturday 8 May there was a flight scheduled from Dizy le Gros over a distance of 368 km. So basketing on Thursday evening 2 nights basket.

And then on Thursday afternoon a message from the department that unloading will probably take place on Friday morning. This is because the weather forecast for Saturday was not very good. And Sunday was predicted to be a day with perhaps a thunderstorm, sudden heat etc.. The outlook for Friday was good. The disadvantage is that you cannot release early because the pigeons still have to stand for a few hours to get the chance to drink water., unwind from the journey, etc.. etc.. But with night frost on Friday morning, it is not bad that you have to wait so that the temperature can rise nicely for a while. It was therefore released to 11.30 hour.

This time we had not basketed everything, consciously once 20 cocks left at home. We were basketing now 40 pigeons in, 9 doffers in 31 hens on the run.

We already saw that the first pigeons in the department around the 1500 meters per minute flew. That is 90 km per hour, with a west wind that is the best speed. We clocked our first pigeon 15.39,12, this time the 3-year-old hen 18-1552171. This hen has flown super as a year-old hen, but as a 2-year-old it was a little less. Hopefully she will pick it up again now and more top prizes will follow. A good minute later there came 4 flown by. These were 2 doffers in 2 hens. After that the pigeons came off reasonably well, not quite great but that's it. Even the designated pigeons were not among the first this time 10 to find. A pity, but that is not always easy.

We had the 3e, 9e, 10e, 12e in 13 of the association (See results). Op zich best goed maar Vincent Bonnes kreeg ze dit keer wel een stuk beter. Vincent had dit keer de 1e, 2e 4e, 5e, 6e, in 7e of the association. Op voorhand was Vincent niet erg blij met een vrijdag lossing maar vrijdagmiddag is hij daar wel op terug gekomen. Vincent proficiat met deze gigantische uitslag. We also had in the district 27 of the 40 pigeons in the price, an attractive rate 68%.

Komende week wederom een midfondvlucht maar dit keer gewoon op vrijdag inkorven. De losplaats zal Peronne worden. Waarschijnlijk gaat alles weer mee. We will see.

Until next week.

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