Dizy le Gros

Saturday 29 augustus 2020 from 5e young bird race of the season.

This time, Dizy le Gros was scheduled for release over a distance of 368 km. We had all pigeons (41) basketed.
On Saturday morning the weather was not good at the unloading site. Cloudy with poor visibility. Slowly it cleared up and it was okay 11.15 hours to be unloaded.
The wind was SW again, so the speed would be high again. Again above the 100 km.

About 14.53,17 we have ours 1e clocked, again the 20-1176002, this one already is 3 turn it 1e been in the loft. On the 2e in 3e pigeon we had to wait a while but after that they came off reasonably well. We had the 2e from our association and beyond 7 pigeons in the first 20. The number of prizes was again good, 23 of the 41 pigeons were included in the prize. A good percentage of 56%. (See results)

This weekend they will go to Morlincourt, another fat one 414 km.

Good luck all.

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