Dizy le Gros

This weekend there was also a middle distance flight to Dizy le Gros.

We had basketed almost all our old pigeons for this, namely 69, namely 31 doffers in 38 hens.

These were unloaded at 07.45 hours also with a SW wind over a distance of 368 km. These pigeons came off great, we had given them a week of rest last weekend because there is no speed, middle distance flight was.

The first on this flight even came with a speed of more than 110 km to home base.

On this flight we had the 1e, 2e in 3e of the association. Again it was the 17-1741506 who was the first to go over the antennas. This was the umpteenth top prize of this hen. Next we had 12 pigeons in the first 18 in the association and beyond 23 at the first 35 in the association (See results). We brought a lot of pigeons but they also came off great.

The old pigeons have one more middle distance flight to fly and then it is over for these pigeons. We'll see whether we will still play the late races.

This weekend a flight with youngsters from Tilburg. Hopefully the heat and SE wind will be fine. The latest predictions are slightly more favorable in that regard, a little less warm and a wind that turns to the west. We will see what it will be.

Good luck all.

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