Dizy le Gros

Saturday 27 juni the 2e middle distance flight, according to the flight program they would go to Nanteuil but Friday morning it was already decided to unload closer because of the bad weather that would be on Saturday, and the place of unloading became Dizy le Gros again.

All 72 pigeons went along again, 32 doffers in 40 hens, still a nice number to play with.

If you look at the weather on Saturday, you will see that it will again be a fast flight. 368 km and a breeze. Fortunately, the bad weather forecast did not come true because it was good pigeon weather. Unfortunately for us and for early pigeons the wind was too much in the south corner so that the first pigeons went to the west side of the department. With too much south wind, you will not be eligible for the first prizes of the entire competition on the east side of the department.

The pigeons were released at 10.00 hour and the first pigeon died in our house 13.15 hours flown. Again it was the 4 year old cock 16-1173634, he was clocked at 13.15,24. Immediately after that came 2 hens raced. They also went down and down smoothly 13.15,59 was our 2e dove , from 18-1552124 clocked. Unfortunately the 18-1552174 too fast over the antennas that it was not detected. We had to take her out of the loft and hold it over the antenna, but then you are half a minute further. She was clocked at 13.16,27. After that a pigeon was added almost every minute, but they did not come really great this time. That was also strange at the first 10 pigeons had no yearlings. And the first 20 but 2 yearlings while half of the basketed pigeons are yearlings. We don't really have an explanation for that, it was a flight with 2 nights basket, maybe the yearlings don't really know the water in the hive yet, but otherwise we are guessing. The pigeons were very thirsty when they were back in the loft.

This time we had the 1e in 2e in the association and furthermore the 5e and we had 14 pigeons in the first 27 in the association (See results). All in all a reasonable result. We are just a little short in the district and department.

This weekend there are one-off 2 flee from the old pigeons. A speed and a one-day long distance race. At the end of the week we look at which pigeons we basket what. Maybe we will participate in some of them in the one day long distance. (600 km) and the rest all on speed, we will see.

Good luck all.

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