Dizy le Gros

Saturday 13 July the 6e Middle distance flight this year on the program. The program was Nanteuil ( 470 km) on the program but in advance is fortunately decided to Dizy le Gros ( 368 km)to go. The weather forecast was not too good and Sunday was a national holiday in France which can not be redeemed, hence had to be discharged on Saturday for a middle distance Flight.

In the morning it took quite a while before going to solve the present low clouds, Therefore, there could only order 11.30 hours will be unloaded in Dizy Le Gros.

The beautiful cleared and the sun came out occasionally through the clouds. The Northwind pigeons had to draw on best. The first birds were there with us a fat 5 hours do about, so all in all a nice middle distance Flight.

We were there 50 basketed, 21 doffers in 29 hens. They had trained all week and the expectations were high.

About 16.38,00 was the 1e dove, the yearling 18-1552143 found. Then came the raft 2e swoops, again a yearling, from 18-1552124 hen, and if 3e our 2 year old hen 17-1741506, it has this year already 10 once seated early results and is therefore at the top of the pigeon championship in the club.

Then the birds came back well, almost every minute or one, within half an hour after the first was, almost all the birds were returned to their base. We had this time 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 8e ,9e etc. of the association. See results

had further 35 of the 50 basketed pigeons price, Once again from an acute percentage of 70%.

Next weekend Quievrain (speed) on the program. This is also the last sprint race of the season.

Good luck all.

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