Dizy le Gros

Saturday 26 August again 7e youngsters race and this time from Dizy le Gros over a distance of 368 km.

We had this time 10 and putted well 4 young cocks and 6 young hens.

The pigeons are released at 08.10 hours and this time had the wind from the South West. From 1e pigeon was still reasonably on time and was clocked at 11.58,33. After that the pigeons came off reasonably well.

This time it was Vincent Bonnes who had a great result (See results) made with his pigeons. In the end it even turned out that he was the 1e of the entire department 9 Grandprix flees almost 10.000 pigeons. Vincent congratulations, can we nice in january 2024 together to Maastricht for the ceremony at the Olympiad.

Next weekend according to the program once again Dizy le Gross.


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