Dizy le Gros

Saturday 17 June was again Nanteuil on the program but due to the NE wind again and again it was decided to go to Dizy le Gros.
Always again 368 km flying for the pigeons. We had this time 32 basketed.

The first pigeons in the department flew 80 km per hour, this was possible because there was not too much wind this time.
Again it was the birthday pigeons 22-8162035 which was the first on the antenna. Last week she was also the first in the loft. As 2e this time a cock, the 2 year old 21-1598206. And if 3e again the 22-8162059 the previous week 2e was.

From 1e in 3e pigeon are Schaerlakens pigeons that are showing themselves now. We don't have a lot of them yet, but it's nice that they can now be found in the results.

In the result we had the 6e in 8e place in society (See results). Further 21 of the 32 pigeons in the price. From 1e place in the association was this time for Gerald Spitshuis, die 2 had early pigeons. A very nice result. This one 2 were pigeons 2e in 4e in the Rayon.

Another Vitesse flight next week.

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