Dizy le Gros

Saturday 11 mei de 1e Middle distance race of the season. The location of the weather outlook again were not favorable. Thankfully the showers were this time just in time. Due to the smooth north wind, and that with a reasonable distance, it was a tough vluchtje.

It was to 12.15 hours unloaded and the pigeons had a good starting.

This time we had 61 basketed, from 15-1331400 We did not do it. We decided to take her to the breeding. She has 4 years of great performance, again this year in the sprint races. It is time to go boy her grow.

A middle distance race 61 pigeons in cages is unique. we've never done before, a very attractive number.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 17.30,58 This was the old cock 18-1552144. As 2e was the 17-1741506 once again clocked, they stand for several weeks 1e drawn on the list. She does the weekly super. As 3e Once again, a cock, and the well 18-1552143, litter size of the 1e clocked, from 144.

The other pigeons came back well beyond, almost every minute there was one or two that within half an hour after the first one 75% was back.

The association was this week's victory at Albert Olde Riekerink (Congrats) Albert also had the 2e, 4e in 9e place in society. nicely done.

We started with the self 5e, 6e, 7e, 11e in 12 in the association. For the 1e place about 2 minutes late but all in all we were pleased again with many early pigeons in the rash.

In the North we had even Rayon 43 of the 61 the outcome, an attractive rate 71%.

This weekend again a middle distance flight and this time from Chalons en Champagne.

Good luck all.

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