Deurne Niergnies 29 augustus 2015

Saturday 29 Augustus dan de 1e Natoer flight. Finally once again good pigeons again and it showed. This time we had 19 old hens on widowhood and 23 youngsters participated. From 19 old hens all flew price. Of the 23 boy were there 15. In total 34 in the price of the 42 basketed pigeons. That the hens that lay well came in line with expectations but that the good boy came down was surprising for us. In recent weeks, they were not great but they did anyway now that the quality is there. The first 7 pigeons were together and flew another round and then fell all 7 while on the run. The following 4 also together again. That meant a 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e, 10e 11e etc.. against 261 pigeons. A Super rash (See results). Next we had 28 pigeons in the first 36 in our Society. In around 2 of our department 9 we had 11 pigeons in the first 58 Pigeons against almost 6.000 pigeons. Great.

In addition, the wax 4e young bird race of the season and it went to Niergnies. Here we had 10 basketed. Again, they did better than expected. We had the 3e, 4e, 6e Association (See results)

Finally, once a weekend that all the pigeons returned to normal and fast way. In total 52 basketed and all 52 back home as it should. Also, many early birds and that's where you're doing it all for.

This weekend they go to Heusden Zolder for the Natoer and Chalons en Champagne for the youngsters. On both flights we will again basketing.

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