Deurne 5 september en Peronne 6 september 2015

Saturday 5 September it was cloudy and rainy. It soon became clear that the youngsters flight from Chalons en Champagne could not go on and it was therefore postponed to Sunday.

The Natoer flight was going from Heusden Zolder but also could not be released because that's why the convoy drove back to Deurne. Fortunately it was could be released in the course of the afternoon better and doves. We were there 46 basketed and they came well off, resulting in a 1e, 3e, 8e 9e Association etc.. In total we had 36 of the 46 in the price. (78%) A perfect rash.

Young pigeons were released Sunday in Peronne. We had 10 on, and it came out pretty good. We had there 4e, 5e, in 6e of the Association and 5 of the 10 in the price. Again, we were satisfied (See results). With the youngsters we are still again 1e to become both the Association and the Samenspel.

This Saturday we will only have a few hens basketing on the Natoer. The youngsters have now often enough and we had a flight rest.

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