Deurne 1 augustus 2015

Saturday 1 Augustus was the first price flight for youngsters. It became one with it 2 faces. On the one hand it was a flight in our circle 2 against 8.480 Pigeons which we have a "Gigantic rash" have made. We had o.a. from 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e, 10e, 13e, 14e, 15e 16e, 18e, 22e, 25e, 26e, 27e, 29e, 39e, 40e, 43e etc.. against 8.480 pigeons. Unbelievable how this first 18 pigeons came. Within a thick 2 minutes he ze. Super. Click here for full results

And on the other hand, As with all lovers caught it then with the return. In the evening we were there 40 of the 59. And that's a loss of 19. And that's way too much. With many lovers was about but 50% back. Unfortunately, this is again to go this year as the youngsters.

There, and why is it. The weather was good for vacationers but unfortunately not for the birds. The wind was from the wrong angle, the visibility was not good etc.. And so can we still call a number. There will still be some after coming this week, but this loss of so many boy is not good for the sport.

Just this week, but sometime back by car from our village, and then hopefully Saturday a "normal" flight. For it is only the beginning, we must not lose so many again.

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