Saturday 15 June already the 5e Short distance flight of this season and this time from Charlevilles over a distance of 328 km.

Mettet was on the program, but because it was not possible to unload there, they had to go to an alternative location and that is apparently not easy. Ultimately it became Charlevilles, this meant a big one 60 km further than originally intended. Because the wind was quite strong and came from the SW, this was ultimately a very good alternative.

We had 38 pigeons basketed for this sprint flight, namely 18 doffers in 20 hens.

It was initially rainy on Saturday, but this rain quickly moved to Germany due to the strong wind 10.00 hour could be unloaded. The expectation was that the speed of the pigeons was around 120 km per hour would be. And so it happened, the first flew very high, As a result, she did another lap around the trees and then fell on the roof instead of on the run in front of the loft. That's why it still took a while 15 seconds before she walked over the antenna.

It was this time 2 old hen 22-8161980 who, as a young pigeon, was also very early once (1e place) was in the results. The other pigeons also fared well again.

In the club we had this time 1e price (See results), also in the Rayon 1520 pigeons she stood in place 1, in the entire department against almost 12.000 pigeons she came to the spot 2 justly. It made a difference 2 seconds with spot 1. So it was part of it, but that's how it goes sometimes, on the roof saves a few seconds.

We sat further this time 21 of the 38 pigeons in the price. All in all a good flight.

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