Charlevilles Mezieres

Saturday 12 it may have been the 6e flight this season. This time a flight from Vitesse Charlevilles the Mezieres over a distance of 328 km.

The weather was pretty good, except the SE wind so the pigeons too much blow westward. But that's no different.

This time we had 54 basketed, 24 doffers in 30 hens. The pigeons were trained last week passable.

The solution was 08.15 h and it was expected that the former is about 4 hours would fly. The first 3 which came flying were together and went quite smoothly down. From 1e was clocked at 12.16,16, from 2e if 12.16,17 in the 3e if 12.16,18. This time it was a cock, from 16-1173634 which was the first on the antenna. As 2e Once again it was the 17-1741529 those for 4e Vitesse time on a flight was very early. If we are to hold between states of the pigeon champions of the division we see her now on 1e place in front of the entire department 9, super performance of these yearling hen.

The pigeons came back good conditions and in making the results proved once again again that they had done a great job. In the club we had this time 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e etc.. with further 14 pigeons in the first 32 in the association. Again, like the previous week, a super result. The price rate was also good with 58% price. Click for results

It is the art form which they now hold several weeks. We'll see what the next few weeks. Saturday is the 2e Middle distance race from Chalons en Champagne.

Hopefully the weather is good flying weather with a quiet west wind.

Success all the coming weeks.

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