Charlevilles de Meziere 24 June 2017

Saturday 24 June Vitesse last flight this season and have the Charlevilles Meziere over a distance of 328 km.

We had this time 31 and putted well 14 doffers in 17 hens.

About 8.45 hours they were released and a strong SW wind would be a quick flight. About 12.00.36 came the 1e then swoops. This time the 16-1173594 a yearling hen. This was just in time. Unfortunately we had too long (6 minutes) on the 2e wait but then they came very quickly in succession.

We had the 1e, 7e, 10e, 11e, 12e, etc. of the association, and 8 pigeons in the first 16 in the association (See results).

The end position of the Vitesse can now be drawn up and, after 8 flights, we stand with 357,1 point in the association of the 1e and place in the district we are 2e become. also, the 1e Vitesse dove with the hen 14-1570478. Again a perfect result.

There will be 2 middle distance races and then is the season for the old pigeons on. Na 14 weekly flights it is good to rest for the old birds.

Until next week.

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