Saturday 29 June already the 6e This season's Vitesse flight from Charleville over a distance of 328 km.

This time we had 30 pigeons basketed, namely 9 doffers in 21 hens. The weather was good on Saturday and it was already possible 8.00 hours to be unloaded. The release went well. This time the wind came from the NE so the first pigeons would be around 75 km per hour to fly. All in all, almost 4,5 hours of flying for a Vitesse flight.

This time the yearling hen came 23-9037081 fly in first. She flew to the loft in one go and didn't waste any seconds. She was diagnosed 12.27,15. Then we had to wait quite a long time for ours 2e pigeon and that was the 2 year old cock 22-8162046. This one was clocked at 12.31,52. After that they turned out pretty well.

This time in the association we came to the 1e place right (See results), it wasn't much of a difference but just ahead of the Comb. Oude Lashof and Gerald Spitshuis.

Next we had 20 of the 30 basketed pigeons in the price, a good percentage of 67%.

There are still 2 flights with the old pigeons, a middle distance flight next Saturday and the last sprint flight next week.

Until next week.

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