Saturday 27 it may have been the 4e Vitesse Flight Season. The unloading place was supposed to be Mettet, but due to local work it was not possible to unload there and it was necessary to move to another unloading place.

Charleville de Mezieres was chosen. Because the conditions have been quite tough in recent weeks with a NE wind again and again, we expected that they would take an unloading place that would be closer to home. But no, our department almost always opts for longer distances and this time it was about 328 km and that for a Vitesse flight. Other departments, example Gebr. Leideman, department 10 have a distance from 137 km. Real speed.

But whatever you try towards department, they don't understand and don't go for the pigeons. They just have to do it, there is another Middle Distance race for next weekend 470 km on the program, again NO wind. Other departments fly 470 km and are talking about a one day long distance race. But unfortunately, then you still play on Tienen, that is the answer of the department, those are test flights for the overnight long distance. In itself that is of course possible, but they do not understand that you fly for championships, at association level, departmental level as well as nationally. If the pigeons then weekly 150 until 200 km more than other departments, then you should not find it strange that our pigeons cannot get those points that pigeons achieve in other departments.

Nevertheless, this vitesse flight was again a tough one with NO wind. That is why we had left the cocks alone and started with only the hens, this time 27.

The release was happy 8.30 hour, and not like last week 7.30 if the views are not yet good, as seen on the radar. Unloading early is often disastrous for the pigeons because then the visibility, a white haze in the sky, not good yet. The weather is good all day long, So why unload early, it is not necessary.

The speed of the first pigeon was around 74 km per hour. The first 2 were together and went down super fast. From 20-1176070 went over the antenna first and was clocked at 12.59.07. From 2e Dove was 22-8161984, she was clocked at 12.59.13. Both pigeons that are early in the results almost every week. These were really early pigeons because we almost had to 7 minutes before our 3 Dove was. After that they came off very well.

This time in the association we had the 1e in 2e, with further 24 of the 27 pigeons in the price. A super nice percentage of 89% (See results). We were also early this time in the district, An 2e in 3e place.

Next week, as said, a heavy middle distance from Nanteuil with again NE wind. We'll see what it gives back.

Good luck all.

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