Charleville Mezieres

Saturday 28 april 2018 again, the 4e Sprint race of the season. We would have to Quievrain but since the Belgian pigeons were moved from Sunday to Saturday and Quievrain had we had to move when unloading at the Charleville Mezieres.

We played this time 57 pigeons, 26 doffers in 31 hens. Again, a nice number. It was this time a flight with good pigeons again, good views and a strong southwesterly.

The solution was 09.10 hour. The distance was this time 328 km. With a Southwest wind the first to do than about a thick 3 hours. We were then also a little surprised when the 1e already dove to 12.07 hour came flying. They flew another round and went afterwards to sit on the run. As a result, they lost the necessary seconds for 1e place in the society but a well deserved 2e place was its location. This time it was the 17-1741569, again a yearling hen.

Then they came quite smoothly at home. We had this time 2e, 5e in 9e place in association with 7 pigeons in the first 21. Vincent Bonnes again had the 1e place with also many early birds. Vincent congratulations. Click here for the results.

Next week begins 1e Middle distance race of the season. It is intended that it is unloaded in Laon over a distance of 380km. As the prospects are now the wind will visit the eastern corner so it will be a nice spicy vluchtje. They will then somewhere between the 5 in 6 am going to do about.

Hopefully trained pigeons enough and they make a nice start to the middle distance of.

Good luck all.

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