Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 2 July a middle distance flight from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km. This time in total 30 pigeons, 11 doffers in 19 hens.

Once again the weather was good. Good views with a calm wind from the south. It was a release together with department 10 in 11. In total about 25.000 pigeons.

The first pigeon reached a speed of 93 km per hour. It was the 2 year old cock 20-1176005 which was the first on the antenna. This cock already raced several top prizes and is a half brother of the 19-1338264. The pigeons came off well and all 30 pigeons were back soon. A nice flight. From 20-1176005 this time had 1e place in society. In the district we had 20 of the 30 pigeons in the price. A good percentage of 67%. Next we had the 5e in 6e place in society (See results).

Next week the last vitesse flight, as it stands now from Quievrain about 315 km.

Furthermore, we participated in the department with the youngsters for the first time on Tuesday morning. These were unloaded in Kalkar over a distance of 77 km. The first ones were back within the hour. We were there 59 basketed and these were almost all back. A nice practice flight for the young pigeons.

Good luck and until next week.

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