Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 17 June Chalons and Chamagne on the program. From 4e middle distance race of the season over a distance of 419 km.

We baskets every week always had a nice number of pigeons and this time there 32, whose 14 doffers in 18 hens.

Training the birds at home is slowly less, This is because we continually come into the season as well as the temperatures rise quite recent weeks and the evening is quite warm for the pigeons and the incentive to train hard or decreases.

Last week, they were all very quick and come right home from Vitesse flight and then you just hope that they at a middle distance flight do this again.

For early birds, we would to well 16.00 hour to sit. That did not happen unfortunately. We had to wait until 16.17 hours before the 1e came flying. When this cock even did a round number came 2 in 3 even swoops. So they were very close together.

Then they came back pretty good for a middle distance flight. On 16.27 hour, so 10 minutes na de 1e we already 14 pigeons clocked. If we 1 real cup pigeon had there had been a super result. Now we were altogether too satisfied.

In the result we had the 6e, 7e, 8e, 10e, etc. of the association, and further 14 pigeons in the first 26. We were certainly pleased with his. (See results).

In most states we are still in good shape and we should see that we are remaining 3 Flights get through.

Furthermore, we have begun in recent weeks with the training of the youngsters. To date, it is excellent. We have as yet 65 and with the buggy still lost no dove, but let's not rejoice too soon, Also eligible for the youngsters, other flights.

Success all the weekend.

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