Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 21 mei de 2e middle distance flight from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

Just like last week we have there 40 and putted well 13 doffers in 27 hens.

It had been warm all week with temperatures around 28 degrees. And that gave the necessary rain on Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, the weather was good on Saturday with a strong west wind and clear skies. Excellent flying weather with a nice distance.

Saturday morning there was a bit of cloud at first, but that quickly cleared up and the pigeons were able to move around 08.45 hours to be unloaded. They had a great departure.

The first 2 pigeons flew in at the same time, as so often happens. These were 2 pigeons that had both already flown their first one this year. So now it was about who was the first to cross the antenna in order to get a nice place in the results again.. It was the 2 old hen 20-1176083 who crossed it first. She was clocked at 13.18,41. Right behind that 13.18,44 again the 3 year old cock 19-1338264 which for the umpteenth time can be found early in the results. Despite the distance already 419 km the pigeons fared well. One came in almost every minute. An hour after the first one arrived, were already there 39 of the 40 returned. Nr. 40 also came home once in the afternoon.

We had in the association 1e, 2e in 4e place, again 3 very early pigeons. These ended up in the Rayon 4 , 5 in 13 at slightly more than 2100 pigeons (See results).The price percentage was also very good again. In the department we had this time 35 of the 40 pigeons in the price. A great percentage of 88%. All in all a nice flight with several top prizes and a nice prize percentage.

Next weekend all the pigeons will participate again in the 4e Vitesse flight. We will not participate in the One Day Long Distance flight.

Good luck all.

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