Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 10 July already the last middle distance race of this season from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

We had again 30 pigeons basketed, namely 5 doffers in 25 hens. This time the weather was good immediately and it was possible to unload on time. The release was already over 07.15 hour. According to the department the pigeons had a super departure.

For early bird we had around 12.15 we had calculated sitting for hours. And yes, if 12.15,26 do we have our 1e dove, from 1e drawn cock 19-1338264 clocked. This one 19-1338264 has meanwhile 10 have flown top prizes and is one of the first clocked pigeons almost every week. Now that the positions have been made of the pigeon champion, this one is 264 on the 1e can be found with the old ace pigeons in the entire Rayon. A very good performance.

We also have several pigeons that are in good shape in the different parts in the final positions. There are several yearlings, from 20-1176070 in 20-1176071 (full sisters) who are in good shape either on the Vitesse or on the Middle Distance. Also the 20-1176083 in the 20-1176084 did a great job. It's great that many yearlings are in good shape at the various stands.

We had this time 2e, 3e, 5e, 9e in 10e of the association, and further 15 pigeons in the first 26 (See results). Also a nice price percentage of 57% (17/30)

In the coming weeks we will focus on the young pigeons flights. So far not really successful, but hopefully it will get even better. (didn't have youngsters on the race last Saturday)

Until next week.

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