Chalons en Champagne

Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 26 juni the 5e middle distance flight from Nanteuil over a distance of 463 km. The weather forecast for the weekend was not great.

Thursday evening after basketing there was already a message from the department that might already be released on Friday. The various committees agreed that the weekend was going to be bad. And indeed Friday at 10.00 was unloaded, but not in Nanteuil but the trucks had gone to Chalons en Champagne. According to the experts, there was the greatest chance for a nice flight.

We had again 30 pigeons basketed, 4 doffers in 26 hens. This time the wind came from the SW and that is why the first pigeons would fly around the 100 km per hour to fly.

With us the 1e pigeon clocked at 14.17,41, this time the 3 old hen 1552174, at the beginning of the sprint she also flew several top prizes. As 2e came the 00-1176073 swoops. This hen has already flown the necessary top prizes. The number of pigeons in the association on this middle distance flight has now shrunk to only 93, daddy that only 24 prizes to be shared. We had this time 2e, 5e, 6e in 7e of the association (See results). Vincent Bonnes again had the 1e in the Association. Vincent congratulations.

The other pigeons came off reasonably well but the real spirit is a little less this week. The number of pigeons that flew prize this time 12, what a percentage of 40% content.

There will be no vitesse next weekend- of midfondvlucht, the pigeons then get a week of rest. Next week the last middle distance flight of this year. Time flies.

The youngsters will also start next weekend. Hopefully the weather will be good Saturday so that most youngsters can find their home base again.

Good luck all.

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