Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 13 juni the 3e Middle distance race of the year over a distance of 419 km vanuit Chalons en Champagne.

We had this time 30 pigeons basketed, namely 3 doffers in 27 hens. Most cocks left at home once so that they are at home when the hen comes home. For the umpteenth time this year the weather on Saturday was not too good and this flight was also postponed to Sunday. On Sunday the weather was immediately good and we could change immediately 07.00 to be unloaded.

The first pigeons would reach a speed of about with the NW wind 75 km per hour. About 12.30,37 was therefore our 1e pigeon clocked. Again our 1e drawn cock, from 19-1338264. This 2-year-old cock already has 7 top prizes and is in most pigeon championships at the top. Na 3 mintue came the 2e in 3e pigeon also flew in together and these went up over the antenna at exactly the same time 12.33,51. These were 2 hens, our 3e in 4e drawn. The points for both the designated and undesignated championship were already in. The other pigeons also came back well after that. Almost every minute or one, so that inside 19 minutes after the first one was there half was already home.

We had this time 1e, 3e, in 4e of the association, in the Rayon against 1.408 pigeons we had the 1e, 13e in 14e with further 18 of the 30 pigeons in the price, a very attractive rate 60% (See results)

Another beautiful flight with good weather. Fortunately, there was no discharge on Saturday. There was a thick cloud band over Belgium on Saturday just like the week. Then you better wait a day and hope they do well on Sunday.

This weekend the 4e Middle distance flight from Morlincourt over 420 km. Again a best distance for a middle distance flight. (rather all Nanteuil of 463 km and Chalons of 419 km)

The weather forecast is for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday quite hot. Hopefully it won't be too bad on Saturday so it won't be a very tough flight. We'll see what the.

Good luck everyone and see you next week.

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