Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 11 July already the 3e this middle distance race from Chalons and Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

This time we did not have everything with us for the first time. We have left most pigeons that had been in the one-day long distance last week. Hence we are there 50 basketted, 24 doffers in 26 hens, all in all a nice number.

It was around in the morning 08.00 discharged for an hour and the weather was good. This time it was the birthday cock 19-4105565 "Freddy" who came flying in first. We bought it as a youngster on a receipt from Belgium. From 2e and subsequent pigeons came reasonably well, but just not great. The sharpness of the pigeons is slightly less this week. Maybe it has to do with last weekend. 2 basketting once, on Thursday and Friday, both flights postponed, one to Sunday and the other to Monday and then Thursday evening, these pigeons had to go into the basket again. But well that applies to everyone, so also for our pigeons. The price percentage remains good, we had there this time 25 of the 50 in the price, an attractive rate 50%

From 19-565 ended as 2e in the association, behind a pigeon from Vincent Bonnes, which she got great. Next we had the 5e, 11e, 12e, 13e, 14e etc.. in the association (See results).

This weekend there will be a one-day long distance race from Bourges. We have decided not to participate and give the pigeons a week of rest. Next week they can all participate in the middle distance flight.

The first flight with youngsters will also start next weekend. Hopefully the weather will be good so that most of the youngsters can return. We are busy training and then we just have to see how that goes on Saturday.

Good luck all.

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