Chalons en Champagne 30 May 2015

Saturday 30 may our pigeons had a race from Chalons en Champagne. This time we have 32 basketed, these were 26 hens and 6 doffers. The weather was pretty good. The last 100 km they had something to do with some rain showers but they have thankfully not too much bothered by experienced. Once again they came back great. The first was even very early and later found a 4e to have in our circle 2 at slightly more than 4000 pigeons. This time we had the 1e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 9e etc. of our Association. Also 8 pigeons in the first 14 Association. Of the 32 basketed pigeons proved 19 price to have, again a nice percentage of 60% (See results). Also the pigeon champions at the Vitesse, General and middle distance are a lot of pigeons from us. Not only in the Association but also in the Rayon, Around a Afdeling. Even in the middle distance club of our department 9 do we have 7 pigeons in the first 28 after standing 3 Middle distance races. To date, a perfect result. Now it is time to give them another week or 7 good to keep flying but that's easier said than done, but we do our best!!

This weekend we fly Isnes. A beautiful of sprint race 257 km. The weather forecasts are as reasonable as it will be hot again but with a 3 hour flight it should be possible.


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