Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 18 May, a middle distance race from Chalons en Champagne.

We were there 58 basketed, 24 doffers in 34 hens.

The weather was good only was there a SE wind which our pigeons usually do not perform well.

The solution was 10.00 hours and the first pigeons were around the clock 15.00 hours to come. From 1e dove, was only to 15.13,45 found. On 15.16,03 our 2e dove. Then they came back still pretty good but not top this weekend.

We had the 6e, 11e, 16e, 17e etc. in our association. Best 3 this time was for Vincent Bonnes, they also got on very well. Vincent congratulations. A beautiful rash.

This weekend there are 2 flee, Vitesse and a one day long distance flight. We will only basketing on the Vitesse flight. It is not for us to be at the start well on both flights, why we choose the Vitesse flight.

Good luck all.

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