Chalons en Champagne 27 June 2015

Last Saturday 27 June, released the doves in Chalons en Champagne. We had this time 29 , and 13 it flew price. This time not really head but we started 4e, 5e, 7e, 8e in 9e Association (See results). Unfortunately we had our 12-5201794 not put as designated dove. In recent weeks she flew less and therefore they had to place 4 gone on the basketing. Throughout the year they stood at the top 2 but this time not. And yes, they still flew the 9e Association. Our designated pigeons were both unfortunately not asked and then some places you so down in the positions of the Division Championships. But that's racing pigeons, you think other birds come early and then again the real cracks that surprise you.

With the weather forecast next weekend we expect that they will not go through. At this time, even there 40 degrees expected for Saturday. Yeah and then you can not pigeons fly. But it remains to be seen and we'll see what the next few days is going to happen. Perhaps a weekend without flights, but ja, we went down and a time to do something different than pigeons!

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