Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 19 May 2018 from 2e Middle distance Flight season. This time to Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 418 km.

With a NE wind flying doves then almost 6 hours. So have a real showdown.

We had 49 pigeons basketed and well 21 doffers in 28 hens, Again a nice number for a middle distance race.

Luckily we had this Saturday once lucky with the weather. Almost entirely covered Netherlands under a gray mass of clouds but the entire east of the country as well as eastern Belgium and eastern France was good this time. Most departments have decided to postpone the flight to Sunday. Our department went well but department 10 had a terrible flight and there have been several fans in the North East of Netherlands victim.

Although you look good in a southerly direction you will still occasionally surprised and suddenly flew 2 pigeon loft above the, another round added, and then the run to the henhouse.

For the umpteenth time the 17-1741529 the first birds and this time she was even 1e the loft. This means that they are the 6e times in a row was very early next. (4 time and Vitesse 2 time Middle Distance) This puts them 1e Vitesse on the entire department 9 and also in the middle distance she is already 2e when the pigeon championship in the Association, she has since enjoyed a pen in front of him.

Further still good pigeons came back. The association results (click here) we had this time 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e 11e etc.. Wederom een mooie serie vroege duiven.

This weekend there is a Vitesse and one day long distance flight. We have already decided to no baskets in the day long distance now. The forecasted weather the one day will be a very tough and that we decided to provisionally move to the Sprint and Middle Distance flights. We will also Friday night almost all pigeons participate again Quivrain. That means 313 km and as it is now predicted East wind and very high temperatures for the month of May. Again, a tangy vluchtje over which the first approximately 4,5 will do h.

Hopefully we can next week again use all pigeons in the middle distance. (with a very heavy day long distance weekend and a tough middle distance for weekend and after that not to hold weekly full)

All success in the next week.


For the readers of our website: We have a limited number of youngsters 2018 our growers now ready teat. there are also several very good racing pigeons 2014 in 2015 the real performance results have put down which we in principle have. Also a number of summer boy 2017 our growers. If there are people who like to have pigeons as mentioned above, Please contact us for a small fee, there is still plenty of choice to build a good stock of pigeons or perhaps to reinforce your good breeding loft. Call us and come along this week, We will not disappoint you. Loss. René 06-13180133 of Peter 06-30784940.

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