Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 22 June stood the 4e Middle distance flight on the program from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

Unfortunately, as so often this year, the weather on Saturday was not good enough to release. It looked good in the Netherlands, but because it was raining in Northern France, it was not possible to unload. So the pigeons stayed there until Sunday. So again a flight with 3 nights basket. On Sunday it was immediately good and there was a change 7.30 hour unloaded.

It was a Grand Prix flight where department 9, 10 in 11 participated in. There were therefore approx 30.000 pigeons released at the same time. The departure was good and at a speed of around 80 km per hour, the first ones would arrive at just half way 1 be back.

The first one was there around that time and was clocked at 12.41,49. again the 22-8161980, the 2-year-old hen that won the 2e flew from our entire department. After that the pigeons fared well, almost every minute one flew in. Finally we did 24 of the 38 pigeons in the price. An attractive rate 63%

In the association we had the 5e, 6e in 9e price (See results). This time the victory went to N. Front house. Already the 2e victory for Niels this year. Congratulations Niels.

In the positions at the Vitesse, We are in a good position everywhere in the middle distance and total rankings. Several of our pigeons also rank well in the pigeon championship. These positions support this week's results.

Next week we will only participate in the Vitesse flight. The one-day long distance does not fit our schedule.

Good luck all.

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