Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 2 September was our last flight for the youngsters. We've only got one left 4 done with. This one 4 pigeons were still in the prizes last week.

It was going to be a tough flight over a distance of 411 km. There was a little wind from the southeast, the journey was also sometimes variable. The temperature also rose nicely.

The pigeons were released at 9.30 hours and the 1e pigeon was found with us at 15.17,37. This was right on time. There were only 2 pigeons reported to us in the association. So this pigeon ended up nicely on a 3e place (See results).

It was again the 23-9037056, this hen is now at the top of the pigeon championship of our club. A very good performance. From 2e pigeon from us was also good in the price and ended up on the 11e place in society. From 3e in 4e pigeon also came home on Saturday.

The season is over for this season, it's been good. We give the pigeons rest so they can get through the moult well.

When the championships are known we will post them on the website. For those who still participate in the last flights, success with it.

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