Chalons en Champagne 13 May 2017

Saturday 13 May Chalons en Champagne on the program. From 2e Middle distance race of the year over a distance of 419 km.

We had this time 34 basketed, namely 11 doffers in 23 hens. They were released on time and with a SW wind they are about to 4,5 hours are back.

It was at the unloading beautiful weather, whether the road was equally good but the question is with us came off the pigeons again good. This was with some other enthusiasts unfortunately else.

The first pigeon was really like a rocket swoops and then went into one line to the loft, she was therefore immediately registered and has not lost a second. Superb such arrival. It was this time the hen 14-1570455. She was clocked at 11.50.59. It then took a thick 5 minutes before the 2e dove came flying. And again 3 minutes until the next pigeon. Then they came back together.

In making the results showed again that we had done it again super. We had this time 2e, 3e, 4e, 6e, 8e, 9e, in 10e of the association (See results). so 7 pigeons in the first 10, a great result. The designated pigeons were this time not at the first, but it is even nicer to see other pigeons taking over to sit early results. Even the yearlings are still very good at, now again 5 at the first 7 our.

Even in the various positions, Speed, Middle Distance and General we are almost everywhere, Association, Region, Kring and Section top. So until now it is all desired.

This weekend there are 2 Flights scheduled and Vitesse have a flight and the first Single day long distance race. The aim is to baskets on both flights, about 10 on the one-day fond and 25 in the sprint, but if that's all go also depends on the weather forecast. That's still too early to say much about. We'll see what we do and take a decision on Thursday that.

All again every success in the coming weeks.

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