Chalons en Champagne

hen 20-1176083 Grandprix winner flight from Chalons en Champagne against more than 20.000 pigeons. (department 9, 10 en11)

Saturday 1 juli de 6e middle distance race of this season from Chalons en Champagne.
We had this time 30 pigeons basketed and well 7 doffers in 23 hens.

Finally this year the wind has turned to the West. We have 2 month long always had a North or East wind. Since the pigeons always go west first after the release and then also a North one after that / Having east wind and therefore always flying into the department from the west side, our pigeons almost never achieved a real top performance. They have performed super well on all flights, but you also want an outlier. Sunday 2 July was the day.

Because it was heavily clouded on Saturday and it rained over the entire flight line, it was quickly decided on Saturday to postpone the flight to Sunday. Sunday it was beautiful pigeon weather and they were released at 08.45 hour. There was a strong West wind blowing, which gave the pigeons a speed of around 90 would get kph.

The first pigeons in the south of the department reached a speed of 93 km per hour. We had calculated if we wanted to be among the first, we would be around 13.18 hours had to clock. If you then 13.13 If you see a pigeon on the valve for hours, you will be amazed. None of us saw her coming while we were quite close to the loft. Apparently she was very high and fell from the sky like a brick so we didn't see her coming. We immediately have the pigeon, from 20-1176083 reported on the site and she was immediately at the top and there she remained. This meant one 1e place against more than 20.000 pigeons. This middle distance flight was a Grandprix flight of in total 3 the department.

This one 20-1176083 has not missed this year and already has 11 prices flew. From both father's and mother's side, the very best is also behind it. A great racing pigeon.

The other pigeons also came back very well. Of course you have to wait with a very early pigeon for nr. 2 but then they came after each other. 21 of the 30 pigeons had price, a good percentage of 70% (See results).

In the evening and the days that followed, the necessary congratulations came in from all over the country. Always nice to experience this. In that respect, the season is already complete and successful for the old pigeons. CC4 also wrote a nice piece on their website (see report)

Next week the last speed race of this year.

Good luck all.


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