Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 20 May Chalons en Champagne was on the program. Another distance away 419 km.

With another NO wind this would be another tough flight. We had done almost everything with it again and there were this time 48, namely 18 dull verse and 30 hens.

Unfortunately, they were released too early again, so that a group of pigeons could not immediately choose the right direction. The release was already over 7.30 hour. Why not wait a while so that the view is good for all pigeons is another question. A discharge 8,30 hour would have been much better, at that time the visibility was good according to the radar and the weather would remain good all day.

The first pigeons reached a speed of almost 65 km per hour. The first was clocked at 14.00,06, this was the birthday boy 22-8161984 this one came as 2e flew in but went over the antenna very quickly so that she passed the pigeon that flew in first, this was the 21-1598225. This one 2e was clocked at 14.00,10. Both hens. After that, the hens came off quite well after such a tough race. It was mainly the hens that came back well, the cocks had it a lot harder on this day.

We had in the association the 2e, 3e, 6e, 9e in 10e dove. A very nice result on this flight (See results).

There will be next week 2 flee, a speed- and a one-day long distance flight. We were planning to basket on both flights, but decided against it. Because we are the last 2 weeks have already had a number of heavy middle distance races, we do not think it is wise to basket for the one-day long distance race next weekend. So we will only basket on the vitesse flight. You can't really call it vitesse because the release place has become Charleville de Meziere. This means for our pigeons a distance of 328 km, actually you should be talking about a middle distance flight.

Good luck all.

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