Saturday 24 April 2e sprint race this season to Burdinne, a beautiful unloading place in the Ardennes over a distance of 236 km.

The weather forecast for Saturday was good all week. Remains on the fresh side with a little headwind but otherwise perfect flying weather.

As every week, all pigeons that are there and that can be basketed. This time there were 62, namely 30 doffers in 32 hens. It is a lot and quite a lot of work to basket them, but when they come back on Saturday you will know what you are doing it for. With a distance of 236 km and head wind it is about for the first pigeons 3 hours of flying. The release committee has waited until 10.00 hours of unloading so that the temperature could still rise a little. A beautiful release with yes 6 trucks on facebook. In total around 28.000 pigeons that took to the air. Beautiful to see.

The pigeons had trained well and expectations were high on Saturday. This year we have a nice young team of racing pigeons. There are 10 those of 2018 to be, then still 17 of the year 2019 in 35 yearlings from 2020. The best result is achieved with a relatively young team.

About 13.08 we saw the first one coming flying. Because, as is often the case, an extra round is flown, there were immediately 4 so that there 5 flew around. From 1e that went down was again the 19-1338315, a 2-year-old hen that already won the 1e place in the association. The other 4 also came down and went in smoothly after each other. The first 5 were 4 hens and 1 doffer. Also our designated pigeons (2 of the 3) were there. The pigeons really came back super. Several came in every minute. That is the beauty of a flight that runs smoothly so that you can play double widowhood.

We heard from Vincent Bonnes that he was with us 1 pigeon for sat. Vincent therefore had the 1e of the association. Vincent congratulations. Then our 5 pigeons on the spot, 2 , 3, 4, 5 in 6. In the association we had further 24 pigeons in the first 44. A lot of early pigeons. (See results)

In the district against 3.724 pigeons, really a very nice number, we started on the spot 5 and further 5 pigeons in the first 16. Perfect. Furthermore, we had a very high price percentage of 76 percent. (47/62 in the price). All in all a very nice Saturday with several top prizes and a very high prize percentage. This will be difficult to hold on to. But we are the first flights of 2021 started well. Now hold on. Hopefully it will remain good flying weather in the coming Saturdays.

Next Saturday the pigeons will go to Quievrain over more than 300km. That is already the case with a headwind 4 hours of flying.

Good luck all with the preparations and see you next week.

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