Saturday 7 it may have been the 3e Vitesse flees this season from Burdinne over a distance of 236 km. A beautiful unloading place with plenty of space in the middle of the Ardennes.

We had it now 48 and putted well 21 doffers in 27 hens. Again, the prospects on Friday were not really good for Saturday, but luckily it all went quite well. Early in the morning it was still drizzling 09.15 After an hour it had already cleared up and the pigeons could start the flight home.

The whole week the wind was in the north and then you expect it to be Saturday too, but then the wind has turned to the west over the entire flight line. Fortunately there was not too much wind but the speed would therefore be higher than the last one 2 weeks. The expectation was that the first pigeons would reach a speed of around 90 km per hour. Because they have the wind with them, the prices will also be divided quickly.

About 11.53 hours came the first 3 pigeons flew in. They turned around for another round and then went down. From 2 year old cock 20-1176005 went over the antenna first and was clocked at 11.53,46. This cock is a half brother of the 19-1338264 (same mother) and already has 3 to grab top prizes. So he stood as 2e designated pigeon on the basketing list. As 2e was it again the birthday hen 21-1598225, that one last week 2e of the North department flew against almost 15.000 pigeons. So she is already 2 times been very early in the results. As 3e was it the 4-year-old hen that every year at least 10 good prices. After that, a number of pigeons came in every minute so that we 10 minutes after the 1e pigeon was already there 36 pigeons clocked. All in all a very good flight of the pigeons. at noon 14.00 hours were all 48 basketed pigeons back home.

We had this time 5e, 6e, 7e, 9e in 10e of the association with further 11 pigeons in the first 22. A wonderful result. Furthermore, the price percentage was again very high, in the department we had 41 of the 48 pigeons in the price, an attractive rate 85%. (See results)

G. Heerink had the 1e in the association. Gerard congratulations well done with a very nice result.

We are also in good shape in the positions. In the association, Rayon and Division we stand in place 1 at the undesignated positions. It's only a start but it looks nice.

Next week the first middle distance race of this year from Dizy le Gross.

Good luck with the preparations and see you next week.

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