Saturday 7 April started the season 2018.

Unfortunately, the training flight was 31 March were not passed. According to the department 9 the outlook of the weather were 30 March were not good enough on Saturday to take a flight (the radar department looking at is not entirely clear to us, because the predictions for Saturday 31 March before the pigeons were superb, not too hot, quiet southwesterly, sheep clouds and blue skies) and on Saturday showed the beautiful flying weather was for the birds. Partly because they expect little doves and financially not so good flight would be was the Department reason to cancel the flight. Too bad that the financial part again goes beyond the interest of the birds and the wait another week for many Vitesse players was to start.

Friday 6 April, there basketed pigeons and we all used to this flight. (total 64, whose 28 doffers in 36 hens). Before basketing, we always look at the weather forecast on Saturday. At that time we said to each other that it once again a heavy and tedious Saturday could be. The prospects were that it would one be warm, that the wind would blow from the dangerous South East and the sky would be clear blue. If this happens on a flight in May or June when the birds have several flights that would not be much, but for the first flight you will know in advance already enough. Not basketing is not an option because you play for the various championships, pigeon champions etc.etc. But the division this weekend had better decide to not go through the flight and the flight last weekend it but unfortunately the interest of the pigeon is not always put first.

On Saturday the pigeons were liberated at 11.00 hour. In itself a good time. The first birds we had around 12.45 am expecting. And that came from. On 12.44 our hour 1e dove found and the 2e also came within the same minute. Then it trickled slowly into. It was a very nasty Saturday. Normally they have a flight over a distance of 140 km after the 1e pigeon is within a half hour within its. Unfortunately this was not the case.

At night there were no 40 back from the 64, not normal, and that on a domestic flight. Even very good 2 olds were not. Sunday and Monday were fortunately still a bunch back so we're about 55 are having found the way. But that means 10 Pigeons have been away, Unfortunately, far too many for a 1e flight. Furthermore, it is also so that it 10 have been sat there 10 doffers / hens in the loft which their / her partner have lost. Thus widowhood is totally disrupted. Pigeons should be linked differently and that makes weather unrest in the loft and again requires energy from the fans.

Fortunately we still have the "luck" that we have a good number of pigeons to play but there are also fans in our association after 1 the flight again quits because they have almost no birds about. And there you are busy with all winter to get them right at the start.

Then the outcome of this weekend, we had our 1e yet the dove 3e in the Association. Vincent Bonnes had a neat 1e in 2e place, Vincent congratulations! Click here for the results

Next week the pigeons go Heusen-Zolder, This is already a department release, Hopefully the conditions are better but the outlook as they are now, are again not good but it's only Tuesday and it takes 4 Days before that. We will see what it brings us.

Everyone good luck this weekend!

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