Boxtel 8 april 2017

Saturday 8 April was the 1e race from Boxtel at a distance program 140 km. We had almost all basketed pigeons, in total 50 whose 24 doffers in 26 hens. They had trained all week pretty, the hens fly only half an hour around and the cocks train less. We are still only at the beginning of the season. We are trying this year to baskets in males much more than we have done in recent years. So we play double widowhood. Anyways all yearling cocks (16) will attend every week. We had 3 Older males left at home, they are linked to our "better" hens. We want to reward these hens come early for home. (these hens were 1e, 6e in 17e of the association, perfect shower.)

Saturday was the first went cloudy and faces were first not too good. This improved quickly so the pigeons 11.30 hours could be unloaded. Although there was still a lot of clouds present the views were quite good. The pigeons were first round 13.00 am expecting. suddenly 13.06 flew 4 round. Where and from which side they come we have not seen. As almost always when multiple they are still flying around and after 3 laps they were on the run. Fairly quickly after they went into the loft. We looked directly at the clock and there were only 3 registered. René had directly by the white flight 473 was clocked. This has then also packed directly out of the pen and held over the antenna. After this one 4 they fell from the sky with wisps. The first few minutes they came very quickly in succession. As so often were the first 8 this time all hens. Fortunately there were to 13.20 hour 46 of the 50 back so they do not just sit long. With such flights gonna fly double widowhood. We knew that we had been nice but when the times 1e pigeons from other fans on the app came we knew we had quite a lot of early birds.

Evening at making the results also showed that the birds had done the super. In our society against 341 pigeons we had the 1e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, etc. accompanied by 20 pigeons in the first 31 (See results). We also had 33 of the 50 pigeons in the price, a good percentage of 66%. A very good start. Furthermore, we were very pleased with the yearling cocks, they were or not in the first but still were 10 of the 16 cocks in the price. Friday at basketing was already evident that the motivation was good the pigeons. When we opened the door of the hens was a cloud of dust, and they flew like crazy on the cocks to. Nice to see how quickly they can get into the cocks box. No matter how good and trained they are, the ultimate motivation ensures the top prizes!

A good start is half the work. That can be said about this flight. It is now important to keep the pigeons healthy. Furthermore, the training will be increased very slowly, but we will take the entire month of April for this. We may leave a number of older cocks at home this coming weekend, but the number of pigeons basketed will be approximately 45.

Next weekend the pigeons will go to Heusden - Zolder, this over a distance of 183 km.

Good luck all.

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