Saturday 3 August Boxtel again on the program. A flight for both young and old birds. In our northern department were also a big 15.000 pigeons basketed.

We had 76 with, 50 old and 26 youngsters. They were to 09.15 hour unloaded.

The weather looked good. It was cloudy but visibility was good. Nevertheless, the pigeons were not particularly off.

The old birds were in the lead and we had despite the slowness of such a short flight there still 47 of the 75 in the price. An attractive price rate 62%

In the association we had the 3e, 4e, 6e, 7e in 8e (See results)

For most fans of the old pigeons are returned again but the youngsters struggled to find the home front. Again many losses by the youngsters.

This weekend Tilburg is scheduled.

Good luck all.

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