Saturday 13 April 1e race of the season 2019. Boxtel, the unloading area and the distance is 140 km. A good distance to start with.

Most pigeons ( 64 of the 67) came back last week from the test flight so we all 64 could basketing. (29 doffers in 35 hens)

The whole week was the "weather" topic of conversation because it was quite cold along with a northeast wind. There was even a section where the races did not go through. In our department, fortunately just went through. Er waren wel een aantal liefhebbers die hun duiven niet mee deden of minder duiven inkorfde. Voor ons was er totaal geen twijfel en dat bleek ook zaterdag wel. Het was koud maar de luchten waren zo goed dat er zelfs een zicht was van 39 km. Mooie blauwe lucht met af en toe een wolkje aan de lucht. Perfect weer voor de duiven. A pigeon is better to cold than hot summer day in the air flying with hazy skies.

It has waited until it was slightly warmer but 10.45 hr, unloaded. The pigeons had a good starting.

We had calculated that around the first 12.45 would come hours. The first reports on the front also went hand in that direction. If then 12.41 am already 2 flying pigeons arrive then nothing else than the early birds have been. They flew a few laps and then went even sit down on the roof. but to 12.42,24 was the 1e clocked, from 2e then went back smoothly. From 1e was the 18-1552120 and the cock 2e from 17-1741506 hen. It took a thick minute but from then on they were really great back. Met 7 minute half had already returned. This had all cost in the association. The overarching rayon 4 CC's had even 44 of the 64 pigeons in the price. An attractive rate 69%

The association result we had the 1e in 2e Then with many pigeons in the results. See results

We were quite curious on what our place 2 Early birds would finish. If you have provided the evening after all associations sees them there in place 1 in 2 are you can best speak of a very good start to the season 2019.

Furthermore, we were very pleased with the yearlings. Pigeons in 2018 as a youngster on all flights have gone along the 500 km performed well. This year we have a young squad to fly, about 40 yearlings. We hopefully have many years of enjoyment.

This weekend the pigeons go to Leavenworth for a distance of 160 km. The weather forecast for this weekend is good to mention. We'll see if this actually comes out.

Everyone enjoys the beautiful weather what is coming in the near future, but also enjoy our beautiful hobby pigeon. Have fun and good Easter holidays.

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