Saturday 14 juli de 2e Flight youngsters from Boxtel.


Again, it would not be easy with north winds and high temperatures.


We were there 55 basketed, a number less than last week but still a nice number.


The release committee waited happy just to solve. Visibility was early the morning not really good, but 08.10 h the air had cleared and could be discharged. The departure of the pigeon was very good and that is very important, they should be able to choose the right direction immediately.

We expected the first pigeons around 2 hours would do and when you go to exactly 10.00 hours a group of pigeons sees you can be sure that the first pigeons. There were a lot of 12 and there were 3 from us at. They flew a number of small circles and 1e was clocked at 10.00.39. Nummer 2 in 3 There raft back. Then the birds came back really truly exquisite. Every minute there were some. Within 10 minutes we had already 34 of the 55 the clock. Truly amazing how the birds came back and still pretty fresh and not tired.

The other boy came well after we have now 54 of the 55. That's very good call.

When we saw the results of just how good the boy had done. We had the 1e, 2e, 3e, 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 10 etc.. of our association. Further 14 pigeons in the first 19 in our association. (See results).The Rayon we had a super result, and called the 2e, 3e, 4e Rayon. In the circle we had this time 36 of the 55 pigeons in the price, a very nice price rate 66%. So all in all a very smoothly in all respects 2e youngsters flight.

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