Boxtel 15 juli 2017

Saturday 15 July Boxtel on the program, from 1e young bird race over a distance of 140 km.

We have been quite busy in order to ensure that they are properly trained to start the racing season. We have them about once or 10 put away and that was satisfactorily.

Then they all went along to Zutphen Groesbeek. Both drilling flights from the circuit CC 2. Both were very good. Even at Groesbeek 60 , and 60 back.

Boxtel we have again 60 ingekorfd, and these were liberated at 08.30 hour. The weather was also good, not too hot, good views and a west wind.

About 10.05 came first 2 Groups swoops. There's a bunch of us were sitting at. Unfortunately kept turning around in circles. About 3 minutes later the first down a lap later there followed again 5. Furthermore, the first came 40 pigeons fast and perfect home. After that, half an hour after the 1e dripped slowly by. eventually 56 pigeons home plate found.

The association we had 6e, 9e, 10e, 11e, 12e in 13e. A good start. Next we had 34 of the 60 in the price. A good percentage of 57% (See results).

Overall satisfied with this 1e flight.

This weekend they go to Heusden - Zolder.

Good luck all.

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