Saturday 18 juni the 1e young pigeon flight. A discharge of CC4 and CC5 from Boxmeer over a distance of 104 km.

We started training our youngsters at the end of May. This was accompanied by ups and downs. Nevertheless, we can speak of a fairly successful preparation. Despite the coli troubles we still have them 8 times can train. We started on 1 km and eventually several times at about 35 km. At the beginning we had there 62 and we could start on Saturday with 52. So all in all 10 pigeons lost on training.

The weather forecast was good. Saturday morning the visibility was not really good and was happy and therefore we waited until the unloading 10.45 hour. At that time, white clouds also appeared in the sky and the temperature was good, not too warm yet.

We were curious how it would go, it is always exciting on the 1e flight with young pigeons. About 11.56 hour came 1e approached and it went down quite quickly and was immediately found on 11.56,45, it was a blue hen, from 20-1176002. A beautiful early pigeon. From 2e came quite smoothly and it was found on 11.57,25. We had hoped that large groups of pigeons arrived, but that was not the case. Nevertheless, they came off pretty well. Almost one every minute. Within fifteen minutes there were already 20 and it went on nicely after that. Ultimately 50 of the 52 basketed pigeons returned. We are certainly satisfied with that.

When drawing up the results, it turned out that our 1e pigeon was a nice early one. She eventually became 1e in both the association as well 1e in the Rayon of 8 associations against exact 3.200 pigeons. A very good performance (see club results). Also the price percentage for this 1e flight we were satisfied with, namely 37% (19 / 52)

All in all a successful one 1e flight with young pigeons, but this is just the beginning. More flights are coming and hopefully they will continue to do well and more importantly all come back.

This weekend again a middle distance race, on this we participate almost all old pigeons, almost 70 pieces, and further the 2e young pigeons flee from Beek en Donk. This will be a discharge from the entire North of the department. The spread will then immediately become very wide, but hopefully our pigeons will find their way back home.

Good luck all and until next week.

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