Saturday 3 juli de 1e young bird race of the season.

We had in April 65 boy to fly with. We started training in June and we could now do it in July 48 basketing at Boxmeer.
The pigeons were released at 09.30 hour, at that time still quite bad views in the east of the country. From Limburg to Groningen it was not good in the air. The SE wind never predicts anything good either. Always lose a lot with such a wind.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 11,06,48. If the weather is good they should be back within an hour. Unfortunately that was not the truth. In the evening at the clock ticking we only had 16. The next day a few more came and in the end we had 25 back. So half, what a drama, and this is just the beginning of the flights.

A result has been made but this flight does not count for the championships. we did have 6 at the first 10 in the association but that is of no use to you (See results)

Next week another young pigeons flight and the last middle distance flight. We'll see what that shows.

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