Saturday 21 April Bierges was scheduled. A new unloading in Belgium and by a distance of 242 kilometer.

The prospects were good name all week. But with a NE breeze and clear blue skies. It was already the 3e flight so you hope it will be fine.

With good weather you think she's a nice time to be discharged in time, but unfortunately, fog and therefore bad views prevented an early release. It lasted till 12.30 hours before it was good.

We were there 54 basketed, namely 25 doffers in 29 hens. A good number to participate on this flight Vitesse.

For early bird we had around 15.50 hour clock but it took 5 minutes longer that 1e he what. On 15.55.27 This was clocked, from 17-1741521, a yearling hen. Then it came within one every minute. It trickled through nicely and after 20 minutes na de 1e pigeon half was already inside. Even after they came back still pretty good. They are also most yearlings we play this year, so a little patience is in place. "Almost all pigeons evening were back.

In the result we had this time 5 pigeons in the first 11 in the association and be in positions 4e, 5e, 6e, 10e in 11e. Yet to mention good. Click here for the results. We must now ensure that we in the coming weeks to make the training even more intensively so that they properly train for an hour and the speed is correctly. Hopefully we come back just a bit higher in the rankings. But all in all we are pleased with the progress of flights. The price rate is better every week, we were on 46% price.(25/54) From 5 May (1e middle distance race) it should be up to the 50%. We will see.

Next week is scheduled Quivrain, Again a flight over Vitesse 314 km. We will be somewhere between 55 in 60 inkorven, a few stragglers will hook this time.

Good luck all

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