Saturday 3 September the penultimate young bird flight of this year from Bierges over a distance of 242 km.

We had 20 young hens participated. They had trained well and then you hope that some early pigeons will come. The wind came from the East to South East and then it almost always becomes a difficult flight. Also this time.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 12.06,48 in the 2e dove 12.11,15 hour. This was one of our designated pigeons. Unfortunately they were not super early pigeons. In the result they came in place 10 in 15 justly. our 3e pigeon was a designated pigeon. With that, the points were back in (See results).

Our 22-8162998 is on the 1e ended up in the Rayon as best young bird. A great performance from this hen.

The youngsters have done very well this year. In the association and also in the Rayon we have the 1e achieved a place.

Next weekend there is another Sector flight from Troyes on the program. That will be the last flight of this season.

Good luck and until next week.

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