On Saturday 6 August Bierges stood over a distance of 242 km on the program.

We had 40 pigeons basketed. 21 young cocks and 19 young hens. The weather was good and the pigeons were released to 08.00 hours with a calm NE wind.

For early bird we had around 11.03 to sit, at least we had calculated that after the first pigeons had fallen in the south and west of the department. If it is exactly about 11.00 When the first arrives, that is a special early pigeon. It was the 22-8161984 hen that went down like a stripe after our decoy pigeon. Couldn't be faster than this. She was therefore clocked at 11.00,10. We immediately reported this pigeon on the reporting site and she came to the top in the North department against a big 9.000 pigeons.

Because it was an early pigeon we logically had to wait a long time for our 2e dove. This one was clocked at 11.05,53. Then they came back fine. When making the results, our pigeons came in place 1 and place 2 join our strong association (See results). Next we had 23 of the 40 basketed pigeons in the price. An attractive rate 58 %

Now it had to wait until all associations had sent in to see if they were actually in place 1 would remain in the North of our entire department. And that was the case. A nice story was posted on our site of "Hart van Twente"

This weekend everything will be canceled due to the heat that currently prevails in western Europe. It is also impossible to transport these temperatures pigeons and to do a responsible release. Fortunately, the NPO has complied with the heat protocol well.

Hopefully the weather will change in the next week and normal temperatures are expected in the Netherlands. We'll see next week.

Good luck and until next week.

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