Saturday 15 August was the 4e young bird race on the program. After a week of rest due to the incredibly hot days we had last weekend.

We had all 48 youngsters basketed again, 26 doffers in 22 hens. We separated them from each other last week so that hopefully training at home will be a bit better.

The whole week it had been incredibly hot, but it would cool down slightly on Saturday. If you look at the sky on Saturday morning, it does not bode well. Cloudy with a watery sun and very bad views. Completely gray in the sky. At that moment you already know that it will be a very bad pigeon day. Unloading had to wait because the views were not yet good. eventually 11.15 hour they were released.

We had to change for an early pigeon 14.15 sitting hours. If then to 14.42 from 1e pigeon arrives, it does not bode well. The pigeons returned very slowly. Normally, one arrives every minute, now it was every 10 minutes. In the evening, slightly more than half of the pigeons had returned. Fortunately, a whole bunch of them were added on Sunday morning so that we eventually 42 of the 48 have been returned.

In the result we had the 3e, 4e 8e, 9e in 10 of the association (See results). Not bad in itself, but that is no longer important at all. This time the honor went to Messrs Bekkedam and Blockhuis who won the 1e won the prize. John and Martin proficient.

Fortunately the pigeons were in good condition and apparently they had not suffered too much, That is why we basketed them again on Monday evening for a training flight to Kalkar on the natoer.

Tuesday morning it was super pigeon weather, wonderfully fresh, beautiful skies and then they will be right back. All 42 pigeons were at home in no time and picked up the rhythm of flying again.

Until next week.

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