We again had basketed all youngsters, this time 24 pieces.

As often this year it was very hot and the wind came back from the South to South East. So they would not get it easy for the umpteenth time.

It has been discharged to 9.00 hour. From 1e Pigeon we have clocked 11.46,33, from 2e dove 11.47,14 in the 3e if 11.48,04. Beautiful row. Then the birds came back good, they were all 24 reinvigorate home.

In the club where even in total 75 pigeons were basketed we had 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 6e, 8e in 9e. Next we had 12 of the 24 pigeons in the price, 50% so price. (See results)

In the department it is difficult to have early pigeons because the wind has been blowing from the SE for several weeks now and the mass of pigeons is also on the west side. Unfortunately, our location on the east side of the department is not favorable for the youngsters.

This weekend another Natoer flight from Quievrain.

Good luck all.

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