Saturday 27 April already the 3e Sprint race of the season. The pigeons were trained and we did again 63 pigeons basketed. (28 doffers in 35 hens)

Saturday was rainy but it would clear up in the afternoon. Hence, this time the pigeons were liberated at 12.15 hour.

The radar was to see that it would clear up but it was also seen that there arose ever new showers. The moment the first pigeons were coming were unfortunately still some showers.

Because the wind from the SW corner came the speeds were high and the birds came back pretty good. However, for the top ranking they were a few minutes late.

The first pigeons came gigantic fly high and therefore the necessary rounds before they were turned down, partly because they were flying around with multiple.

We had this time 8e, 10e, 11e in 12e of the association. The price rate was this time 35% (63/22) See results

From 1e place this time was for Gerard at Thij, which had a nice early bird. Gerald proficiat.

Furthermore, the pigeons were well off, all pigeons 17.00 hours back. However, it was noticeable that this time most yearlings were not in the top of the results. These are blown by the wind to the north and then came back to the loft on the north. One can see that the older pigeons still have more experience and not let that drift with the wind.

This weekend the 4e Sprint race from Quievrain over a distance of 313 km.

Good luck all.

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